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Mammoth Lakes California Mono County Marijuana Delivery Officially Legal In California

Though it had been allowed under temporary regulations, the rules now allow it to be the only state to fully allow home delivery — no matter the Regional laws

On January 16th, California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) accepted the final rules and regulations regulating the state’s cannabis industry, a bit more than a year after legal recreational sales went into effect. The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Public Health spent months writing and revising 358 pages of rules and regulations before submitting them to OAL in December.  According to the Associated Press, regulars say the OAL made no substantive changes before issuing their rubber stamp, effective immediately.

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The market, which includes thousands of trucks, retailers, testing labs and other businesses, had been working under temporary principles, most of which have been cemented to law. Among the most noteworthy policies permits dispensaries to create marijuana deliveries to all jurisdiction in California, even those municipalities which have passed local legislation banning cannabis. The rules guarantee legal security to the greater than 100 state-licensed”non-storefront” delivery businesses and their clients in so-called pot”deserts,” that is very good news for all those tokers who may be homebound or have other constraints that prohibit them from traveling.

Mammoth Lakes California Mono County Marijuana Delivery Officially Legal In California

Marijuana Delivery In CA

“We get people interested in these areas,” said Ray Markland, manager of EcoCann, a dispensary in Eureka, CA, in line with this Times-Standard. “We have operated under the temporary state legislation and delivered there. It’s good for clients who are physically challenged and aren’t able to make it out to us to receive our products.  it is a positive move showing validity into the cannabis business and to cannabis as a regular consumable product and not something to be ashamed to utilize.”
California is officially the very first and only nation to legalize home delivery service across all municipalities. According to this Times-Standard, delivery vehicles may only take a maximum of $5,000 value of marijuana in any time, and must be free of any markings which indicate they’re transporting marijuana”to decrease the threat of theft or other offense. Supporters also say that lawful shipping service can help further undermine what remains of the marijuana black market, which had continued to thrive because approximately three-quarters of the nation’s municipalities have passed local legislation banning authorized cannabis stores from opening.

Cannabis Delivery

“You can’t prohibit delivery,” Maximillian Mikalonis, a cannabis lobbyist for K Street Consulting, advised Leafly. “You can just ban licensed, legal, controlled and taxed delivery.”

California’s newly formalized regulations also support the use of child-resistant packaging and tighter testing principles for heavy metals and toxins in all marijuana products. Marijuana will continue to become a cash-only business, as the federal banking industry is controlled by the United States Department of Treasury, which adheres to the national law prohibiting marijuana. But going forward, cannabis retailers in the Golden State will only have to check customer IDs before purchasing, and no longer are required to record names and other identifying information.

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“These approved regulations are the culmination of two or more years of hard work from California’s cannabis licensing authorities,” Lori Ajax, leader of the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, said in a statement. “Public feedback was invaluable in helping us develop transparent regulations for cannabis companies and ensuring public safety.”

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