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Though it {had been|was} {allowed|granted} under temporary regulations, the {final |}rules now {make it|allow it to be} the only {state|legalized state} to {fully|completely} allow home delivery — {no matter|regardless of} the {local|Regional} {laws|legislation }

On January 16th, California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) {approved|accepted} the {final |}rules and regulations {governing|regulating} the {state’s|nation’s} cannabis {industry|business}, a {little|bit} {over|more than} a year after {legal|lawful} recreational {sales|earnings} {went|moved} into effect. The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Public Health spent {months|weeks} writing and revising 358 pages of {rules and regulations|regulations and rules} {before|prior to} submitting them to OAL {in|at} December.  According to the Associated Press, regulars say the OAL made no substantive changes before {issuing|devoting} their rubber stamp, effective immediately.

Cannabis Delivery

The {industry|market}, {which includes|including} {thousands|tens of thousands} of {licensed farms|trucks}, {retailers|merchants}, testing labs and other {businesses|companies}, had been {operating|working} under temporary {rules|principles}, {many|most} of which have {now |}been cemented {into|to} law. {One of|Among} the most noteworthy policies {allows|permits} dispensaries to {make|create} {marijuana|bud } deliveries to {any|all} jurisdiction in California, even those municipalities {which|that} have passed local {laws|legislation} {prohibiting|banning} cannabis. The rules {guarantee|ensure} legal {protection|security} to the {more|greater} than 100 state-licensed”non-storefront” delivery {companies|businesses} and their {customers|clients} in so-called {pot|bud}”deserts,” {which|that} is {particularly|very} good news for {those|all those} tokers who may be homebound or have {other|additional} {limitations|constraints} that prohibit them from {traveling|travel}.

{city} {state} {county} {Weed|Marijuana} Delivery Officially Legal In California

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“We get {people|folks} interested in {those|these} {areas|regions},” {said|explained} Ray Markland, {manager|director} of EcoCann, a dispensary {in|at} Eureka, CA, {according to|in line with} {the|this} Times-Standard. “{We’ve|We have} {operated|worked} under the temporary state {laws|legislation} and {delivered|sent} there. {It’s|It is} {good|very good} for {customers|clients} {who|that} are physically challenged and {aren’t|are not} able to make it out to us to {get|receive} our {products|merchandise}.  {It’s|it is} a positive {move|movement} showing validity {to|into} the cannabis {industry|business} and {to|also to} cannabis as {an everyday|a regular} consumable product {and not|rather than} something to be {ashamed|embarrassed} to {use|utilize}.”
California is {officially|formally} the {first|very first} and only {state|nation} to legalize home delivery service {across|throughout} all municipalities. {According to|In line with} {the|this} Times-Standard, delivery vehicles {can|may} only {carry|take} a {maximum|max} of $5,000 {worth|value} of marijuana {at|in} any time, and must be free of any {markings which|markers that} indicate {they’re|they are} transporting {weed|marijuana}”to {reduce|decrease} the {risk|threat} of theft or other {crime|offense}. Supporters also {say|state} that {legal|lawful} {delivery|shipping} {service|agency} {will|can} help further undermine what remains of {the|their} {marijuana|bud} black market, which had continued to {thrive|flourish} because {approximately|roughly} three-quarters of the {state’s|nation’s} municipalities have passed local {laws|legislation} {prohibiting|banning} {licensed|authorized} cannabis stores from {opening|launching}.

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“You {can’t|can not} {ban|prohibit} delivery,” Maximillian Mikalonis, a cannabis lobbyist for K Street Consulting, {told|advised} Leafly. “You can {only|just} {ban|prohibit} {legal, licensed|licensed, legal}, {regulated|controlled} and {taxed delivery.|expedited delivery}”

California’s newly formalized regulations also {mandate|support} the {use|usage} of child-resistant {packaging and tighter|smaller and packaging} testing {rules|principles} for heavy metals and toxins {in|from} {all|most} marijuana products. Marijuana will {continue|last} to {be|become} a cash-only {business|company}, {as|since} the {national|federal} banking {industry|business} is controlled by the United States Department of Treasury, which adheres to the {federal|national} law prohibiting marijuana. {However,|But} going forward, cannabis retailers {in|at} the Golden State will {only|just} {need|have} to {check|inspect} {customer|client} IDs before {purchasing|buying}, and no {longer|more} are {required|expected} to record names and other identifying {info|information}.

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“These {approved|accepted} regulations {are|would be} the culmination of {more than two|two or more} {years|decades} of hard work {by|from} California’s cannabis {licensing authorities|law enforcement},” Lori Ajax, {chief|leader} of the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, said in a statement. “Public feedback was {invaluable|valuable} in helping {us|people} {develop|build} {clear|transparent} regulations for cannabis {businesses|companies} and ensuring public {safety|security}.”


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